Acerca de Indico
Indico es una aplicación de software libre que le permite a Ud. gestionar conferencias complejas, talleres y reuniones.
El proyecto Indico

The Indico (Integrated Digital Conferencing) Project was born as a European project, a joint initiative of CERN, SISSA, University of Udine, TNO, and Univ. of Amsterdam. The main objective was to create a web-based, multi-platform conference storage and management system. This software would allow the storage of documents and metadata related to real events.

Indico is currently intensively used at CERN. Most of the events that take place in the organization are scheduled through Indico, so that the whole community can consult them and collaborate. Things such as section/group meetings are easily manageable, allowing the participants to submit materials and share them with others. Many other events (mainly conferences) which happen to take place outside CERN are currently hosted in CERN's Indico server.


Indico provides features for the management of the entire conference lifecycle, as well as for meetings and single lectures:

  • Tree-like structure, organized into categories. Each category may either contain other categories, or contain simple events.
  • Creación automática de páginas Web para los eventos.
  • Cuestionarios de evaluación del evento
  • Automatic notifications (i.e., automatically remembering all the participants in a meeting that it will take place today);
  • Para Conferencias:
    • Personalización de formulario de registro.
    • Soporte para pago en-línea
    • Envío y revisión de resúmenes
    • Paper submission and reviewing.
  • Además de estas funciones básicas, Indico tambien proporciona:
    • An integrated room booking system, extensible, and currently in use at CERN (replacing the old CERN Room Booking System).
    • Soporte integrado para software de videoconferencia (VRVS11)
    • Exportación de información en diferentes formatos: RSS, iCal y MARCXML, por ejemplo.
    • Interface multilingue (internacionalización).
    • Soporte para diferentes zonas horarias.
    • Interface accesible y usable.

Indico is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License. This has made possible the adoption of the tool by several institutions around the world, and the contribution of code by third-party developers. There's an active user community, which almost every day provides new suggestions and bug reports. This contributes substantially to the degree of agility at which the Indico project currently works, providing immediate bug fixes, patches, and user support.

As of now, besides CERN, more than 90 known instances of Indico exist, in institutions like Fermilab (Chicago, USA), IN2P3 (France), EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and the Chinese Academy of Science.

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Indico project site:


The version of this Indico installation is: 1.2.1rc5