9-14 noviembre 2020
Auditorio del Estado de Guanajuato
UTC timezone
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consider that in order to submit an abstract, you will need to create an INDICO account. Your INDICO account will be activated in a maximun of 48 hours, please check your inbox or junk e-mail for confirmations. If you have any trouble, please contact support.wlc@ugto.mx
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Call for Abstracts

Día de apertura para envío de resumenes: 03 February 2020
Fecha límite para el envío de resúmenes: 29 June 2021

IMPORTANT NOTES: The start date will be open at 00:00 hrs. (GMT-6) and the submission deadline ends at 24:00 hrs (GMT-6). Please include all authors as "Primary Authors" in the Abstract Submission.
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